Sights in Ukkohalla

Historical sites and amazing landscapes carved by nature




Close to Ukkohalla

Just a short walk from the Ukkohalla holiday resort you will find a 6-meter tall V-shaped waterfall Komulanköngäs. The forked streams meet in the pool at the bottom, which invites you to take a dip in the refreshing water. Komulanköngäs is along the UKK route but also accessible by car. It’s only a few steps from the parking lot to the waterfall.

Komulanköngäs is a part of the Syväjoki river that flows from the lake Lauttajärvi approx. 4 km from the Ukkohalla holiday resort. The old mill lies next to a side-stream of the rapids and is still standing. Campfire sites can be found both at the top and at the bottom of the rapids.

The Hiidenkirkko and Vorlokki canyons are deep ravines that may still have ice and snow in the middle of summer. The Vorlokki canyon is on the UKK hiking route between Hyrynsalmi and Komulanköngäs, and Hiidenkirkko lies in Hakokylä, on the eastern shore of the lake Ylä-Tervajärvi.

In the middle of the Hyrynsalmi municipality, you can find Vuorilampi, a beautiful pond with rugged cliffs. Metsähallitus has built a nature trail around the pond with a campfire site and lean-to.

Hallan Ukko J. A. Heikkinen constructed the hide-out Jääkäripirtti for the Finnish jaegers in Saarijärvi, Hyrynsalmi. Later the island was dubbed Jääkärisaari (Jaeger Island) and the hide-out is one of the most valuable pieces of cultural heritage in the area.

The Löytöjoki tar and turpentine factory, or so-called Hallan Ukon tervauuni (tar oven), is located next to the Halla farm by the river Löytöjoki, roughly 16 km from Hyrynsalmi. The factory was constructed in 1924 by Johan Alfred Heikkinen, aka. Hallan Ukko. Heikkinen was a member of parliament and is known for developing the industry in the area.

Both Jääkäripirtti and Hallan Ukon tervauuni are located in the Saarijärvi primeval forest. The characteristic features of the area are the ancient forests and rugged swamps. You can reach these attractions through the hiking trails.

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Only a car ride away

Raatteen Portti and the Winter War Monument

Raatteen Portti was constructed as a memorial for the fallen soldiers during the Winter War. Raatteen Portti, 24 km from Suomussalmi towards Kuhmo, is the home of the Winter War in Suomussalmi exhibition with pictures and memorabilia from the Winter War. The Raate road scale model and the visual experience room will take the visitor into the battlefield. The outdoor exhibition area with the Winter War monument is a moving sight.

The Silent People

Roughly 30 km north of Suomussalmi you will be greeted by a thousand silent figures. The Silent People is a piece of art that has no match in this world.

Ilmari Kianto exhibition

The exhibition showcases the life and works of the famous author Ilmari Kianto with pictures, citations, objects and presentations.

Rock paintings from the stone era

Prehistoric settlements have been found in Suomussalmi, as well as the rock paintings in Hossa, dubbed as Värikalliot. The northernmost rock paintings in Finland were discovered in the northern part of the Hossa camping area by the lake Somerjärvi in the late ’70s. The estimated age of the rock paintings is 3500-4500 years.

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The biggest waterfall in Finland

The Hepoköngäs waterfall in Puolanka is one of the most popular attractions in Kainuu. It is also the tallest waterfall with 24 meters of vertical drop.

Hepoköngäs is wheelchair accessible, thanks to wide paths and bridges from the parking area. The renewed lean-to and an outhouse are located at the top.

Breathtaking views from the observation tower

In Mustarinda, you can visit the international exhibition, wander around on nature trails and admire the views from the top of the Paljakanvaara observation tower – the highest point south of the mountain area in Finland at 404 meters. The Mustarinda house is surrounded by primeval forests. Mustarinda lies on the northeast side of the Paljakka natural park at the top of the second tallest hill in Kainuu, right next to the Ukkohalla holiday resort. Mustarinda-seura ry cherishes the diversity of nature and culture by bringing together people from arts, science and organizations in seminars, exhibitions and events. The organization also offers premises for artists and scientists, as well as accommodation. Read more about Mustarinda