Cross country skiing

Ukkohalla is the go-to place for cross country skiers

Ukkohalla is the go-to place for cross country skiers

Our surroundings are full of skiing tracks for beginners and pros alike. The tracks are suitable for both classic and skating styles and the breathtaking views make your skiing trip an unforgettable experience.

Ukkohalla has plenty of snowfall every year and we have 160 km of maintained tracks. We suggest that you take your time on the track and enjoy the views every now and then!

Our tracks are marked and maintained

All the cross country tracks in Ukkohalla are marked and regularly maintained. Lean-to’s and campfire sites are great places for a break and they are situated along the tracks.

Track maintenance

The tracks are maintained by the Ukkohalla-Hyrynsalmi Tourist Association in cooperation with the Hyrynsalmi municipality. The municipality is responsible for the connection between Ukkohalla and Hyrynsalmi as well as the tracks in the Hyrynsalmi area.

The tracks are usually maintained every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Snowfall may affect the schedule and the tracks with the highest priority are Ensilumenlatu (illuminated, 1,8 km) and Akan kierros (9 km).

Tips for cross country skiers

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  • The Vorlokki café is a cozy haven along the Tuomivaara route. Warm sandwiches, fresh donuts, pancakes, coffee, tea, juice and hot chocolate, and all kinds of snacks to keep you going! Please note the café only accepts cash..