Bowling – Ukkohalla Resort

There is a 6-lane bowling alley in Ukkohalla, which is located in connection with the Saaga Restaurant, next to the ski slopes. The total surface area of the bowling alley is ca. 450 m2.

When the hall was opened, so the core area of the Ukkohalla services were diversified even further, and the bowling alley complements the accommodation and service concept. Ski-in apartments, SaunaWorld, restaurant and conference facilities, a bowling alley and wellness services will enable customers even more versatile holiday.

Ukkohalla also has its own bowling club Ukkohalla Bowlers Association. For more information of club activities, please contact by e-mail at ukkohallankeilaajat[email protected]


You can make track reservations by signing up as an online customer. Registration is easy to do before confirming the reservation. You can pay the reservation either at time of booking or on arrival.

When doing the reservation please note that in our system it is not possible to leave a 30min space before or after the reserved time. The actual booked hour is 57min so that our staff can attend to the track for the next bowling group.

NB! BEFORE MAKING THE RESERVATION,CHECK THE OPENING HOURS OF BOWLING ALLEY HERE (Bowling alley is open when the restaurant Saaga is open, max -22 p.m.)

For more information or help: +358 44 7485515  | [email protected]