Ukkohalla is a great destination for groups and business seminars


Get new ideas and innovations in our inspiring surroundings with your team! Ukkohalla has excellent meeting and business seminar premises for your business.

Everything is just around the corner at Ukkohalla – accommodation, meeting premises, activities, and restaurants.

The Saaga meeting rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual solutions and to top it off, you can admire the beautiful lake scenery at the same time. From small meetings to a seminar with hundreds of participants, Saaga is the place for you. You can order snacks and food for your meeting at Saaga Restaurant.

The magnificent nature of Ukkohalla is a refreshing environment for business seminars as you can easily finish the day by enjoying the heat of Sauna World, skiing at the resort, or just wandering around along the trails. Nothing beats a fun sport activity to finish an innovative meeting or seminar!

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We can offer you a tailored package to best suit your needs. Have a look at our example packages.

  • The 9-sauna package deal
  • Ukkohalla accommodation package deal
  • Hallan Ukko package deal
  • Hallan Akka package deal

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Ukkohalla meeting premises

Our modern audiovisual equipment together with all the necessities for meetings allows you to organize both big and small meetings and seminars. We have 3 rooms of different sizes for you to choose from:

Hallan Ukko Cabinet is a cozy room for 6-12 people.

Price: 50€/4h or 75€/day

Saaga Cabinet has beautiful lakeside views and room for up to 40 people.

Price: 80€/4h or 110€/day

Saaga Arena can seat up to 150 people.

Price: 250€/event. Setting up the stage: 100€

Surprise your guests: You can have your meeting in a sauna, on the hiking trails, or turn it into a yoga session!

Activities for your meetings

A meeting can turn into an experience, too. Add some activities and have a great time with your group – there are lots of fun activities in Ukkohalla all year round!

Maybe you’d like a bowling contest with your workmates, hike in the hills, go on a husky safari in the snowy forests or just relax in the Sauna World? Go on an independent adventure or book your guided activity, we have it all.

Take a look at all the activities available at Ukkohalla!





Seminar & meeting accommodation

Our cabinets and meeting rooms are conveniently located right next to your accommodation and activities (and the serene nature of Kainuu).

Our Ski Chalets are a great choice for seminar guests. The spacious rooms are connected to the meeting premises as well as activities and restaurants. Each apartment has a sauna and a balcony/patio. You may choose between 45m² (3+2 people) and more spacious 63m² (4+2 people) apartments.

The big, high-end villas in the area are suitable for large groups and can be used as meeting premises as well. Aurinko Saaga villas are 150m² and can accommodate 14 people.

Catering for your meetings by Hallan Karhu Restaurant

Keep up the energy levels and order our delicious and healthy snacks from Hallan Karhu Restaurant.

Pastries, fruits, and nuts are perfect snacks to fuel your meeting and accompany the usual coffee and tea.

Hallan Karhu Restaurant is able to organize breakfast, lunch, and dinner upon request.

Meeting packages


Make your meeting a success at the Ukkohalla resort. Our meeting packages make your reservation and organization easy.






Hallan Akka package deal

From 39€/person – minimum of 10 people

Hallan Akka meeting package includes everything to make your meeting an effective brainstorm. Ask about our activities to put some action in your working days!

  • Meeting premises and equipment for a full day
  • 2 x coffee and pastries
  • Lunch

Prices not valid in the following weeks: 8-10, 21.-31.12.2020, or 4.-18.7.2021.

9-sauna package deal

From 63€/person – minimum of 10 people

The Ukkohalla Sauna World has a versatile spa with both indoor and outdoor pools and 9 different saunas. You can take a dip in lake Syväjärvi all year round. Are you ready for the 9-sauna meeting experience?

  • 2h sauna meeting (private event)
  • 2 x coffee and pastries
  • Lunch
  • Gym
  • Bowling 1h

Prices not valid in the following weeks: 8-10, 21.-31.12.2020, or 4.-18.7.2021.



Ukkohalla accommodation package deal

From 1750€/person – minimum of 10 people

Ukkohalla accommodation package deal has everything you need for engaging meetings: great premises, good food, innovative surroundings, and lots of activities to energize your day.

  • Meeting premises and equipment 4h
  • Accommodation in a Ski Chalet 45 apartment / 2 people per apartment / 1 night
  • 2 x coffee and pastries
  • Breakfast
  • 2 x lunch
  • 1 x dinner
  • Gym and Sauna World
  • Bowling 1h

Prices not valid in the following weeks: 8-10, 21.-31.12.2020, or 4.-18.7.2021.

Hallan Ukko package deal

From 65€/person – minimum of 10 people

A successful meeting is one to be remembered – especially if there are activities included! The Hallan Ukko package includes tickets to Sauna World and bowling alley so that you and your team can relax and refresh after a productive day.

Meeting premises and equipment for the whole day
2 x coffee and pastries
Gym and Sauna World
Bowling 1h

Prices not valid in the following weeks: 8-10, 21.-31.12.2020, or 4.-18.7.2021.