Ski Passes – Ukkohalla Resort

All our tickets are loaded on a Skidata smart card which is not included in the ticket prices below. Skidata smart card costs 6€ and is reloadable.

7-12v ja 65v ►
7-12y and 65y ►
3 tuntia
3 hours
3 часа
Iltapäivä (14-19)
Afternoon (14-19)
День (14-19)
Koko päivä (10-19)
Full day (10-19)
день + вечер (10-19)
2pv, 2 days, 2 дня40€59€
3pv,3 days, 3 дня56€79€
4pv, 4 days, 4 дня70€99€
5pv,5 days, 5 дней84€119€
6pv, 6 days, 6 дней98€135€
7pv,7 days, 7 дней108€145€
8pv, 8 days, 8 дней114€155€
9pv,9 days, 9 дней120€165€
10pv, 10 days
10 дней

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• Child under 7 yrs wearing a helmet accompanied by parents: no charge
• Ski lift tickets are personal except in the case of a company card
• A ski lift ticket that is lost shall not be replaced
• Misuse of a ski lift ticket is a punishable act resulting in loss of ticket at minimum
• The total number of slopes open to the public may vary at different times as well as with various events and the like.

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