Responsibility and sustainable development is vital to Ukkohalla. Therefore we are involved in Sustainable Travel Finland program, which helps us to modify our activities to become even more sustainable. We encourage other local operators, co-operators and our guests to act in more responsible manner. The objective is to verify our responsible operations by proudly carrying Sustainable Travel Finland certificate within the year 2024. We will continuously plan actions which ensure that also the future generations will be able to enjoy this amazing pure nature, as well as affluent travel destination. You are able to find more information about sustainability, what it actually means to us and how we will be taking it into account in our daily operations here in this page.

Sustainability in everyday life

In Ukkohalla we want to make sure that we will pay attention to responsibility in our everyday routines. We will continuously develop operations towards sustainable development. All the electricity used here have been produced by carbon dioxide-free energy sources. Furthermore, when enjoying a sauna in our apartments ecological and durable seat covers will be used instead of disposable ones. Yes, nature is now thanking you and humming with satisfaction!

More together

We consider cooperation with local operations important. Therefore we convey their services as part of our own operations. We favor local procucts, as for example handicrafts produced by Sukkapuu, soap and ointment produced by Metsämuija and products produced by Korpiporo. Our motto is that nobody has to manage alone, let’s do it together! In addition, one of the most important values for us is that everyone will be treated equally. We want this value to be visible every time we meet people. Therefore we invite you to come as you are, we appreciate everyone equally!

Proud of our nature

Appreciation of nature and its diversity is vital for us. Due to closeness of nature within the destination, we understand our responsibility in cherishing the local nature and its culture. We want to share information, bring up natural diversity as well as cultural heritage in our service program by organising nature trips. Furthermore, we maintain an eco-fishing area in Syväjoki which acts as one of the targets for recovery of natural fisheries in Kainuu.