9 saunas

9 different saunas invites you to relax and enjoy 

The cave sauna

The cave sauna has spectacular views but the sauna itself is spectacular as well. The gentle heat of +60°C feels just rightt even for the first-timers.

The traditional wooden sauna

The traditional wooden sauna is small and follows ancient traditions. Even though the temperature rises up to +80°C, the heat is gentle.


Scenic sauna

The scenic sauna sauna offers both gentle heat (+60°C) and beautiful views over the Lake Syväjärvi. An outdoor hot tub is located right next to the scenic sauna.

Smoke sauna

The smoke sauna floats on the lake Syväjärvi. The atmosphere comes from the distinct scents of smoke and tar.

Shingle sauna

The shingle sauna is atmospheric and inviting with a mellow temperature of +65°C. You will want more than one round in this one!


Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is an important part of the Finnish culture: it has been the place for relaxation and purification for centuries. That is why we cherish peace and quiet in our +70°C sauna.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna (+50°C) will increases your blood flow and boosts your metabolism. Great for pain relief, recovery, and healing by increasing blood flow in the tissues.

Karelian sauna

The Karelian sauna will get you sweating at +75°C! The dim lighting will enhance the relaxing experience.

Steam sauna

The steam sauna caresses your mind and body with gentle steam at +50°C.