Halla Snow Park

Ukkohalla is known for its versatile snow parks

Halla Snow Park, Jib Snow Park, and Junior Snow Park are widely recognized and can be seen in several ski and snowboard films.

Jib Snow Park is the place to start practicing jumps and rails. Small to medium kickers are perfect for beginners, whereas Junior Snow Park is the big brother with bigger kickers and bigger rails. Halla Snow Park has multiple obstacles, such as logs and wooden platforms to imitate big mountain freeride.

The parks are designed well so that they are safe but versatile. We make changes to the features of our parks during the season so please pay attention and have a look at all the features before your first run in the park.

Halla Snow Park also hosts many events during the winter season.

The latest park setups can be found on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Halla Snow Park.