Only a car ride away

Raatteen Portti and the Winter War Monument

Raatteen Portti was constructed as a memorial for soldiers who fell during the Winter War. Raatteen Portti, 24 km from Suomussalmi towards Kuhmo, is home to “Winter War in Suomussalmi”, an exhibition featuring pictures and memorabilia from the Winter War. The scale model of the Raate Road and the visual experience room will give visitors a sense of what it was like on the battlefield. The outdoor exhibition area with the Winter War monument is a moving sight.

The Silent People

Roughly 30 km north of Suomussalmi you will be greeted by a thousand silent figures. The Silent People is a piece of art the likes of which you cannot see anywhere else in the world.

Ilmari Kianto exhibition

The exhibition showcases the life and works of the famous author Ilmari Kianto with pictures, citations, objects and presentations.

Rock paintings from the Stone Age

Prehistoric settlements have been found in Suomussalmi, and rock paintings in Hossa, a site known as Värikallio (“Color Rock”). These northernmost rock paintings in Finland were discovered in the northern part of the Hossa camping area by Lake Somerjärvi in the late 70s. The estimated age of the rock paintings is 3,500–4,500 years.