Swamp Soccer World Cup 2023


Unforgettable experiences and having fun playing Swamp Soccer since 2000!

Finland is full of wonderfully weird summer events and definitely one of the quirkiest ones is the Swamp Soccer World Championships in Ukkohalla, Hyrynsalmi!

Nearly 200 teams and almost 2000 players from different countries attend the event every year. Apart from playing football in an authentic Finnish swamp the players enjoy the friendly athmosphere and onsite entertainment such as the Swamp Rock festival.

This event is open for everyone and it is the perfect pick for companies, sports teams and groups of friends. Everyone is invited!

Tournament will be held 14.-15.7.2023 in Hyrynsalmi. Only a limited number of teams can participate in each class. Tournament fee is 250€ per team. Only by paying the bill by due date the teams will be registered for the tournament.

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Tournament will be held 14.-15.7.2023 in Hyrynsalmi

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