Halla Bike Park

Let the lift take you up and enjoy the ride!

Summer season on the slopes provides the perfect playground for cyclists. The slopes of Ukkohalla have six marked enduro and single tracks, which welcome all levels of bikers to try this trending adrenaline-filled sport.

The tracks are suitable for enduro and downhill bikes. In addition, you’ll need some safety equipment to keep safe during the speedy rides. A full-face helmet will not only protect your head, but give extra protection to your face, chin and mouth too. Other accessories such as knee pads, elbow pads and even back protection are recommended when you’re pushing your limits and riding faster.


Vuokraa meiltä ajanottosiru ja voit ottaa mittaa kavereistasi Ukkohallan reiteillä. Ajan näkee aina reitin lopussa olevasta näytöstä. Vuokraa siru ennakkoon online-vuokraamosta.

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