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The Syväjoki waterway gathers its waters from numerous springs and brooks in the hills along its course. This forest river has stretches suitable for whitewater fishing extending up to 20 kilometers in length. The most spectacular natural attraction along its course, and a must-see destination, is Komulanköngäs, a two-pronged waterfall on River Syväjoki, over 10 meters in height. A testimony of the value of the riverine nature of this small stream is that salmon were once caught here, freshwater pearl mussels were harvested and there is still a self-reproducing trout population. River Syväjoki forms a fly- and eco-fishing area, while River Lietejoki, stocked with hatchery-raised fish, is reserved for lure anglers. Separate fishing licenses are required for these rivers.

Lake Syväjärvi is located at the heart of the Ukkohalla Resort, in a hollow between the ski slopes and the cozy cabin village on the opposite shore. Measuring 20 hectares and rich in rainbow trout, the lake is the ideal first stop for families holidaying at Ukkohalla or for groups of anglers. Some holiday apartments have excellent fishing spots just a few meters from the door. There are a few places where it can be incredibly quick and easy to catch a fat and fierce rainbow trout on the end of the line.

Fishing licenses

You can buy a fishing permit for Lake Syväjärvi at the reception of Hotel Ukkohalla or online  17€/ per day.

Buy fly fishing permit for River Syväjoki here.

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