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A short and flexible wakeboard, a tall towing system, and a lower speed of the towing cable allow even the beginners to try wakeboarding safely and easily. The Ukkohalla Cable wakeboard park is suitable for everyone from beginners to pros. Our experienced staff will teach you the basics and can even give you tips for the kickers as well!

Cable wakeboarding requires the same skills as surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding: power, technique, and creativity that will develop once you gain more experience. Most of the top wakeboarders are familiar with at least one of those sports and are able to do cool tricks and big jumps off the kickers.

The towing speed is about 30 km/h.

Current news:

  • Buy a season pass in advance!
  • Group reservations must be done in advance, minimum of 10 people. The park can be rented for private use.
  • Group reservations: Tel. +358 8 748 500 / [email protected]
  • Opening hours




  • 3 hours 30€
  • Day ticket 40€
  • 2-day ticket 60€
  • Additional day ticket 20€
  • Season pass 149€


  • Board 3h 25€
  • Board 1 day 40€


  • Wakeboarding was developed in the United States in the 1980s. The sport combines waterskiing, surfing and snowboarding and originally the wakeboarder was being pulled with a motorboat.
  • Cable wakeboarding became a sport of its own in 1990s all over the world.
  • The wakeboarder is being pulled with a cable tow.
  • The board is shorter, lighter, and flatter than a snowboard. The towing system and a higher pulling speed result in high jumps and impressive tricks.
  • The first cable skiing park was opened in 1962, developed by the German engineer Bruno Rixen.
  • Nowadays there are roughly 250 cable parks and 500 000 wakeboarders in the world.
  • Ukkohalla has the only full-length cable park in Finland.


Conquer lake Syväjärvi on a SUP board.



Wake + SUP

  • Buy a wakeboarding ticket, rent a SUP board for 10€/1h
  • Buy a wakeboarding ticket, get a Sauna World ticket for 5€
  • A wakeboarding ticket includes waterskis/wakeboard/kneeboard, helmet and a life jacket (compulsory), and a wetsuit.

SUP board rental

Stand-up-paddling is perfect for a relaxing day at the lake or a complete workout – regardless of your age or fitness level. More information: [email protected] or tel. +358 8 748 511

  • 1 hour 15€
  • 2 hours 25€
  • 3 hours 35€

1 day 45€


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What makes the best summer memories? Activities, of course! From mountain biking adventures to fishing, bear watching trips or fun times on a SUP board. Pick your favorite of all the summer activities in Ukkohalla.