Snow shoeing – Ukkohalla Resort
In Ukkohalla’s impressive forests, crowned with snowy tufts, along with its hills and open lakes, you can walk in snowshoes wherever you care to go – enjoying it without hurry or doing a brisk workout. The area’s amounts of snow ensure that snowshoeing succeeds well into the spring.

Snowshoes can be rented both for quick jaunts in the nearby forests and for longer treks through  untouched snow – even including safaris lasting all day.

In Ukkohalla, there are also orienteering control points, which you can go around by snowshoeing. There are two different routes : “The Conquest of the Hill”, which is more challenging and ” Climp Up the Hill”, which is easier. Orienteering maps and snowshoes you can get / hire at the equipment rental point. If you need a guide, please ask for more information tel. +358 8 748 500 or [email protected]




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