Find the excitement of speed

Find the excitement of speed safely on a ride with a spectacular, action-packed Yamaha Side-by-Side vehicle.

Uggo Resort offers speed and excitement throughout the year, either on a 7 km long private racetrack or in wild Finnish nature. You can enjoy this thrilling activity either driven by a professional driver or after guidance also by yourself. 

Throughout the program there is a hut with a campfire in your group’s use. You can fry sausages and have a good time with your friends while waiting for your own driving turn.

A ride with a Side-by-Side is something you can’t experience everywhere!

Side by Side Ride (UGGO Resort)

Duration: 3 hours
418 €/car
Capacity: 2-4 cars (2-8 person)
Location: UGGO motorsport area (Tervatie 14, 89400 Hyrynsalmi) or Ukkohalla forests
Booking and  information: [email protected] or +358 8 748 511