Seijan Ratsutalli is a licensed horse stable

Seijan Ratsutalli is located in Hyrynsalmi, close to Ukkohalla resort.

The stable has a lit arena and beautiful riding trails. Riders from beginners to pros will find a suitable horse or pony among the magnificent animals.

Our experienced teachers will look after you and make sure your lesson is safe. Even small children get to experience horse riding with us!

Book your riding lesson

Riding lessons are booked by calling us or after your previous lesson.

  • Read more about available camps and lessons on our homepage
  • Contact: Seija Oikarinen, tel. +358 40 418 7991
  • Syväjärventie 10, Hyrynsalmi

Seijan Ratsutalli organizes camps during the summer and over weekends. The camps are popular especially during the school holidays, so book your spot soon enough!