SaunaWorld & Spa – Ukkohalla Resort

Relax in SaunaWorld & Spa

Sauna has been part of the Finnish identity since the dawn of recorded history. Everyone can imagine the troops of the ancient kings relaxing and seeking the quiet tranquility of the twilight and soft steam provided by their very own cave saunas before they set out on their conquest expeditions.

At SaunaWorld, you can easily take a journey back in time from the cave sauna of the kings to a modern steam sauna, for instance. Ukkohalla’s SaunaWorld offers the opportunity to experience everything from the always genuine vapours of the Finnish steam bath to the more exotic adventures provided by the Western and Eastern traditions. In the pool section, on the other hand, you can pamper all senses with the refreshment provided for both body and mind in the picturesque landscapes along the shores of Lake Syväjärvi.

SaunaWorld & Spa is a modern centre for good feeling and relaxation in the spirit of the old royal saga of Kainuu. A splendid spa as well as idyllic pool and selection of sauna baths together with their care facilities bring enjoyment to all senses. At the same time that your body relaxes, your eyes can rest on the picturesque beauty of Lake Syväjärvi shoreline landscapes.

At SaunaWorld, there’s a versatile gym and exercise area, modern conference facilities, many different types of saunas and a care section that really looks after you – not to mention refreshing pools for children, the young at heart and those with more mature interests. You’ll find recreation for both body and mind at SaunaWorld & Spa!

If you wish, you can rent the SaunaWorld totally for your own use for a full evening or even for a whole day. Please look the link “Saunapresentation” and “Virtual Tour” on right and see what kind of saunas we have for you. Welcome to enjoy!