Sauna World

Ukkohalla Sauna World is the place to relax


Sauna World is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the beautiful scenery of lake Syväjärvi.

Our spa has several saunas, such as an infrared sauna and a smoke sauna, but also refreshing pools with massage equipment. You can take a dip in the lake Syväjärvi all year round!

Our poolside bar has snacks and beverages of all sorts so you can refuel while you unwind. Our gym is free of charge for all our spa customers.

You may even rent the whole Sauna World for a private event from a couple of hours to a full day. Here you can organize unforgettable meetings, birthday parties, or bachelor(ette) parties!

Price list

  • Indoor saunas only*
      • Adults 15€
      • Children 7€
  • Indoor and outdoor saunas*
      • Adults 20€
      • Children 10€
  • Family ticket
      • 2 adults + 2 children 45€
  • Towel 5€
  • Bathing suit 5€

*The amount of saunas available depends on the season. Ask more at the information desk.

The saunas and pools are unisex.

The gym is included in the Sauna World ticket price (only on the same day).














Aikuistet 20 € / hlö | Lapset 10 €/ hlö

Suomalainen sauna on tärkeä osa suomalaista kulttuuria; se on puhdistumista ja rentoutumista varten. Siksi noin +70°C lämpöiseen saunaamme liittyy hiljaisuus ja rauha.The Finnish sauna is an important part of the Finnish culture: it has been the place for relaxation and purification for centuries. That is why we cherish peace and quiet in our +70°C sauna.

Steam sauna caresses your mind and body with gentle steam at +50°C.

Karelian sauna will get you sweating with +75°C! The dim lighting will enhance the relaxing experience.

Infrared sauna (+50°C) will increase blood flow and metabolism. Great for pain relief, recovery, and healing by increasing blood flow in the tissues.

The cave sauna has spectacular views but the sauna itself is spectacular as well. The gentle heat of +60°C is very convenient even for the first-timers.

Landscape sauna offers both gentle heat (+60°C) and beautiful views over the lake Syväjärvi. An outside hot tub is located right next to the landscape sauna.

Shingle sauna is atmospheric and inviting with mellow +65°C. You will want more than one round in this one!

The traditional wooden sauna is small and follows ancient traditions. Even though the temperature rises up to +80°C, the heat is gentle.

Smoke sauna floats on the lake Syväjärvi. The atmosphere comes from the distinct scents of smoke and tar.


Indoor pools / Outdoor pools / Lake Syväjärvi

Inside the Sauna World, you will find a small refreshing pool suitable for exercise and relaxation as well as pampering hot tubs. The Sauna World even has a pool playground for children!

Outside you will find the perfect relaxation spot with an outside hot tub and a traditional hot tub. Lake Syväjärvi offers a refreshing dip all year round!

Indoor pools

  • Hot tub
  • Refreshing pool
  • Children’s pool

Outdoor pools

  • Hot tub
  • Traditional hot tub
  • Lake Syväjärvi

Pool access depending on the ticket: indoor pools or both indoor and outdoor pools


A holiday in Ukkohalla is pure luxury








Halla Day Spa offers pampering treatments and relaxing massages

Halla Day Spa is located in the same facility as the Sauna World. Here you will find just the right treatments for you!

  • Facials
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Lash and eyebrow tinting
  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stone massage

Please book your appointment or treatment in advance. You can also buy a gift certificate for your loved ones!

SKY cosmetologist

Marika Oikarinen

Tel. +358 44 244 9876


Don’t skip training day even on your holiday – in Ukkohalla it’s easy to stick to your training routines, thanks to our versatile gym!

The gym is included in Sauna World tickets and Ski Chalets accommodation.

The gym is located next to the Ukkohalla information desk.


One-time visit 5€

Gym card (10 uses) 40€


Treat yourself in our restaurants







You can open a tab by leaving your credit card or cash at the bar once you enter the Sauna World. You will be charged once you decide to leave the Sauna World.

Cold and hot beverages and small snacks available.


  • Ukkohallantie 19, 89400 Hyrynsalmi
  • Tel. +358 44 748 5515 / [email protected]
  • Please make a reservation in advance.
  • After 10 pm our age limit is 18.