Group Activities

Work your body, free your mind


We can organize a wide range of group activities upon request. Young and old, beginner and pro, we have just the right activity level for you from relaxing exercises to hardcore full-body workouts.

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Request an offer or ask for more information: [email protected], tel. +358 8 748 500



Sauna World & Sauna yoga


Including Sauna World ticket and Sauna yoga. Sauna yoga is practiced in a mild temperature of +50°C in a sitting position. Sauna yoga will increase mobility and core strength. Light indoor sports clothing (i.e. shorts and tank top) and a water bottle are recommended.


Do you want your employees to learn how to stay healthy and fit for as long as possible? Ukkohalla offers lectures on health, wellness, and healthy daily habits. Lectures for groups can be booked by email at [email protected] or by calling us +358 8 748 500.

Healthy eating 60 min.

A lecture on how the food we eat affects our body and how nutrition is connected to feeling healthy and staying active.

Motivation through sports 60 min.

A lecture on the health benefits of an active lifestyle. In this lecture, we will go through the sports habits.

Personal resources and stress management 45 min. + relaxation exercise 15 min.

A lecture on personal resources and stress management. At the end of the lecture, we will do a relaxation exercise at the gym.

Improving your endurance 30 min. + exercise 60 min.

A lecture on how to improve your endurance and how it affects your cardiovascular system. After the lecture, we will do a 60 min. endurance exercise.

Group fitness classes

From 5€/person

HIIT exercise 30 min.

An effective 30-minute exercise in which you will give 100%! Can be done both indoors and outdoors.

Kettlebell 60 min.

During this class, we will go through the basics of kettlebell workouts and do a full-body kettlebell workout indoors or outdoors.

Endurance exercise 60 min.

An effective workout to improve your overall fitness in most sports, such as running, cross country skiing, team sports. Our topics will be running and breathing technique and explosiveness.

The minimum size of the group: 10 people. Prices according to group sizes.



Fitness tests

When you’re on holiday, you have more time to pay attention to your well-being. Fitness tests and body composition tests are now available!

Request an offer or ask for more information: [email protected]

UKK fitness test

A fitness test developed by the UKK Institute can be performed individually or in groups. A written report on the results included.

UKK walking test

A 2-kilometer walking test with a heart rate monitor measures your endurance. A written report included.

Body composition test

With the Omron body composition monitor, we can measure your weight, body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, resting metabolism, and an estimated daily energy need (kcal).

A written report included.

Ukkohalla Fitness Club

Do you want a roadmap for better health? Join the Ukkohalla Fitness Club!

The membership fee is 39€/month. We will perform a body composition test and an initiative fitness test to better program your 3-month exercise plan. Unlimited use of the gym and Sauna World is included in the membership fee. During high season, group fitness classes are also included.

Group fitness classes can be booked in advance. Request an offer: [email protected].