Come and experience the beautiful surroundings of Ukkohalla on a mountain bike.

Here you will find trails for every skill level. Welcome!


Fatbike safari to Vorlokki

The safari will take you through the old pine forest in breathtaking landscapes on a fatbike. Halfway through the safari, we will have a break at the Vorlokki hut which is a superb place for photography. Fatbikes can easily handle all kinds of terrain and are suitable for all skill levels.

  • Length about 8 km
  • Duration 2-3h
  • Group size 4-10 people
  • Ask for a pack of snacks for your trip!
  • Price 54€/person includes guide and bike & helmet rental


Reservations: [email protected] or +358 8 748 511

Reservations and payments at latest 48h before the start of the safari. Cancellations must be done at latest 48h before the safari to get an 80% refund. If the cancellation is done later than that, the customer is not entitled to a refund.

Check out the trails to the top (pdf)








Hyrynsalmi-Paljakka-Ristijärvi 1

90 km

Hyrynsalmi-Paljakka-Ristijärvi 1 is entirely on paved roads. There are no actual bike lanes but the roads are not heavily operated and are safe to ride.

The beautiful hills of Kainuu offer some nice challenge on your bike rides and the Komulanköngäs waterfall is a nice bonus on this route!

Hyrynsalmi-Paljakka-Ristijärvi 2

84 km

Hyrynsalmi-Paljakka-Ristijärvi 2 is mainly on paved roads with light traffic but also on gravel trails. Nearly half of the route is traveled on gravel trails or paths.

Enjoy your ride without any traffic noises. The elevation brings some challenges with steep uphills and the nordic landscape makes this route exceptional.





50 km

Half of the trail is traveled on paved roads, half on gravel trails or paths.

Perfect for a day trip with a nice break at the Komulanköngäs waterfall!

Rent a fatbike

Rent a top-quality fatbike and go on an adventure on your own in Ukkohalla!

  • 1h – 15€
  • 3h – 30€
  • 8h – 50€

Click here to rent online
Or contact us: [email protected] or +358 8 748 511


Official Ukkohalla MTB route map. The routes are fixed and marked by the Hyrynsalmi municipality during summer and fall of 2020. A mobile version of the routes coming up!



You can find a bike washing station in front of Ukkohalla Chalets for our hotel guests.