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Start building your dream in Ukkohalla

Are you dreaming of your own holiday home? Or are you planning on building one? Ukkohalla holiday resort has nearly 200 holiday homes and the area is growing rapidly. This is your chance to fulfill your dream at a reasonable price. Have a look at the leisure lots for sale in Ukkohalla:

Apartments for sale in Hyrynsalmi

Hyrynsalmi municipality has many suitable options for your holiday home. The apartments for sale are located in the center of Hyrynsalmi, close to all the town’s services. The distance from Hyrynsalmi to Ukkohalla is 18 kilometers. Read more about apartments for sale.

Metsähallitus LAATUMAA (Quality land) lots are located in the heart of Ukkohalla resort, just a short walk away from Ukkohalla services.

Tervakuja, the road leading to the lots, climbs up the hill from Saaga restaurant’s parking lot. The area has several leisure lots and two separate lots for accommodation services. The roads have been built and the lots are divided into properties. All the infrastructure has already been built as well. Visit www.laatumaa.fi to see the zoning plans, instructions, and more information about building a holiday home in Ukkohalla. You may also ask for more information at the Hyrynsalmi construction supervision. The lots can also be rented.

Sales and information:

Tarja Puurunen, tel. +358 400 322 060, [email protected]

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Title Address Description
Ukkohallantie 20, 89400 Hyrynsalmi, Finland
Ukkohallantie 19, 89400 Hyrynsalmi, Finland