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Services nearby


The Hyrynsalmi municipality caters to all traveler’s needs: stores, gas stations, and healthcare services. There are plenty of attractions in the area, such as the Kaunislehto house museum, leisure center Camping Vonka, Mustarinda, and the old railway station.


Located just half an hour away from Ukkohalla, the shops and restaurants of Suomussalmi are within your reach. There are also quite a few cultural and historical attractions in Suomussalmi: the summer theatre, Värikalliot in Hossa, Raate road exhibitions, The Silent People, etc.


nly one hour away from Ukkohalla lies Kajaani, the capitol of Kainuu. For such a small city, Kajaani has plenty of options for shopping and events. Being a compact city, everything is within your reach: cafés, museums, theatre, water sports center, and several shops.