From wild streams to big lakes

The Ukkohalla-Paljakka area has been the setup for memorable hunting and fishing trips for decades – but only for the locals. Now this wonderful experience is open for everyone. Welcome to Ukkohalla, where the wilderness starts from your front door!

The easiest way to start fishing is at lake Syväjärvi, right next to the hotel and cottages. Besides trouts and rainbow trouts, you can also fish for pike, whitefish, burbot, perch, ruffe, and roach.

The best way to catch a fish is by using a basic hook and line but small lures and spoons are also a good choice. Most cabins have boats for trolling purposes. You can buy fishing licenses for lake Syväjärvi from the vending machine outside the Ukkohalla Rental service building. For the nearby streams and rapids, you can buy licenses with your smartphone. Ask for the latest fishing tips at the Sauna World information desk!

More destinations for fishing

Check out other destinations too! You can fish for trout at Luvankoski and Nuottikoski rapids as well.

More information on the Kalalla Kainuussa website.