You can enjoy the varying landscapes of Ukkohalla and the  cycling in the middle of the beautiful hills. You can try your skills at the tracks which are suitable for mountain,- BMX- and dirt-bikes.

Track especially for the mountain-, BMX- ja dirt-bikes was opened in the summer 2011. Shaped track with curves and jumps will guarantee varied things to do to cycling enthusiasts.

Environment of Ukkohalla offers challenges and hilarious moments to all those who enjoy cycling, not forgetting the stunnig scenery! The routes can be found as challenging forest trails as well as pleasant cycle paths.

Ukkohalla cycling routes, route descriptions

About 50 km Ukkohalla–Hyrynsalmi-route,  half of the journey is folded in the quiet country roads and half on unpaved bike routes. This route is suitable for a day trip. During the trip you can stop, for example, to admire the waterfall of Komulanköngäs and to enjoy packed lunch.

Hyrynsalmi–Paljakka–Ristijärvi-route option 1. This route you cycle on paved, peaceful country roads. The 90 kilometres long route does not have bike path, but the low traffic roads you can cycle safely. Awesome hilly landscapes of Kainuu gives you an ideal place for cycling and the hills will bring also enough challenge to route. During the trip, you can stop to admire the waterfall of Komulanköngäs.

Hyrynsalmi–Paljakka–Ristijärvi-route option 2. This 84 kilometres long route goes on paved, quiet country roads and also partly on unpaved bike roads. You cycle half of the route on unpaved bike roads. In the middle of the magnificent scenery you can enjoy cycling without traffic noise. The height diffrences of the terrain brings suitably challenge to the route and scenic landscapes make the route excellent cycling path.

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Roller skiing

Ukkohalla`s variety terrain is also well suited for roller skiing and -skating. In addition, Ukkohalla`s environment with hiking paths and the slopes to Nordic walking provides all the necessary elements to ski training in summer season.

Height differences can be found in adequate for racing skier`s and for activ mover`s needs. Secondly mainly the hills are very gently sloping, so people who have not trained so much, will also succeed to move with the rollers there.

Ukkohalla`s roller skiing routes fits for the skiers summertraining.

Cross-country skier Teemu Härkönen tested Ukkohalla`s  roller skiing routes. According to him, the place is very suitable for roller skiing training. Härkönen evaluated that the best parts of the routes are area`s sceneries and varied hilly landscapes and also the quiet training environment. Asphalt coating does not extend to all holiday-homes yards, but for example from the cottages it is not far away. Some road surfaces are rough, so the softer wheels are suitable for roller skiing trips.